SuccssflVIrtlClssrmPNGVirtual training gives learning professionals unprecedented flexibility, making it possible to reach participants globally and unite physically dispersed teams. However, designers and facilitators must adapt their programs and delivery styles in order to be effective in this new medium.

The Successful Virtual Classroom goes beyond introducing the technology, to offer trainers proven techniques tailored specifically to engage live online audiences. Packed with easy-to-use tools, checklists, and worksheets–as well as case studies from Oracle, UPS, and more–the book introduces the PREP model for planning, rehearsing, executing, and then conducting a post mortem following the training event.
Readers will learn how to:
  • Make the most of virtual classroom features such as content and screen sharing, annotation tools, polls, and breakout rooms
  • Weave chat responses into the discussion
  • Compensate for the absence of body language
  • Monitor feedback
  • Engage individuals with different learning styles
  • Encourage audience contribution
  • Meet the unique needs of global participants
  • And more, including icebreakers and interactive exercises designed for an online environment, this book helps readers create programs that truly drive learner engagement.